MTHFR Support

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How will this product help?

The MTHFR Support provides specialized absorbable nutrients necessary for neurotransmitter conversion and detoxification, both of which are found to be problematic for patients with scoliosis.

How does this product work and affect scoliosis? 

Active B vitamins serve as the converting enzymes that allow your body to produce and convert various hormones and neurotransmitters, many of which are associated with scoliosis development.

By replacing these active B vitamin enzymes, your body can better produce the hormones and neurotransmitters it needs to optimize spinal muscle control and maintain optimal postural muscle memory.


  • Capsule can be opened and combine with food or drink
  • Supports Healthy Mental Function and Mood
  • Supports Healthy Nervous System/Adrenal/Immune Function
  • Active forms of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 that are “ready to use” by your body
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